Privacy Policy

On Your Personal Details and Email Address

Lucky Cikky will ask for your email address during our engagement with you. Your email address will NOT be used for sending newsletters unless you specifically opt-in with us. Your email address is used to send welcome pack and all relevant documentations. The email address will also be used for you to login to our portal for photo downloads, see past invoices, etc.

Lucky Cikky will never share your personal details including email address with any external parties. Our client portal where you will be logging in with your email and password is secured with 1024-bit encryption secure certificate.

On Credit Card and Bank Details

Lucky Cikky will also never ask you to provide credit card or bank details through email. We will first call you. Therefore, should you receive any emails asking you to do so, they will not be from us and we recommend for you NOT to click on any links on that email as they may lead to a spoofed-website which will then allow the hackers/attackers to gather your personal information.

On Information Publication

We will ask you during our engagement meetings – and will also be explicitly expressed within our formal quote – your permission for us to use your photos on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for portfolio display purpose.

Other than the photos, we will NOT display your personal details (eg. address, email address) in any of these media. You also have the right to tell us which photos or images that you do not wish for us to publish.

Or else we will not publish completely should you tell us not to publish anything concerning your event.

Further Information

Your personal details safety are our first priority. Should you feel that your personal details are compromised please call us on 0424 090 464 or email